F.M.OLDE PIANO REMOVALS modern warehouse is specially designed for the storage of Pianos. Our piano storage system provides added security and protection for your piano both long and short term.

The buildings have electronic security alarm system, modern fire protection and offers maximum security 24/7

Piano moving and storage is a complex and specialised service which demands a great deal of human strength, knowledge and dedication, and should never be trusted to just furniture storage company, etc.The damage to the instrument that can result from improper packaging and may be very expensive to repair, if at all fixable.
Double handling is avoided and there is no chance of incidental damage.

F.M.OLDE PIANO REMOVALS workforce are trained professionals with a great deal of technical knowledge
in the art of transporting and storing your valuable a piano.
Our team understand the internal workings of a piano and would carefully wrap it with all their accessories (bench, pedals, legs) in a specialised storage module to ensure no damage to your piano in storage or transit .
Our focus is to make relocating and storing your piano as painless and as stress free as possible.Our

Come and inspect our store yourself and ask about our safeguards against fire, theft and damage

Short, medium and long term storage
Fully mobile module ready to transport anywhere
Clean, secure warehouse storage facilities
Dust and vermin proof storage modules
Full inventory and labelling systems
Cost effective Modules
ALL storage goods are numbered, labelled and recorded
Transit insurance available